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Listen to what industry icons Phillip & Mary Wilson owners of the Wilson Collective have to say about the Salon Ninja Marketing Platform.

Phillip & Mary Wilson

The Wilson Collective

Why do we LOVE Salon Ninja? We first heard about Salon Ninja during the stay at home order for Covid-19. We were deeply evaluating our business at this time. We were looking at what we were missing as a company and what we were going to need to do differently. Salon Ninja was the perfect fit in many areas. Top on our list was effective client communication, both informational and promotional methods were needed and this program covers both! This system allows for text messaging and email communications and that’s just the beginning. This is not a cookie cutter program in terms of templates and design. It is very advanced in terms of formatting and designing forms and promotional material that can fit your brand perfectly. Salon Ninja is loaded with opportunity. It has driven in over 150 new client leads in 2 weeks as a result of two campaigns we created within the program. The feedback from salon guests has been extremely positive. We are just getting started with fully understanding all Salon ninja has to offer but it has become a vital tool for marketing and communicating for our salon. We feel it’s so valuable we actually just hired a part time employee to dig in with this program so we can capitalize on all components because the return on investment is so great! If your considering it, stop contemplating it and do it! Get busy and watch your business grow! 

~Charles & Nicole Gillick, owners, Blu A Color Salon

Listen to what industry icon Janet St. Paul owner of the Janet St Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty has to say about the Salon Ninja Marketing Platform.

Janet St. Paul

Janet St Paul Studio for Hair and Beauty

Make Your Digital Marketing Profitable - Not Painful!

It’s a pain to manage leads from multiple sources like websites, landing pages, Facebook Ads, Google Ads - when they are all running through different software tools - instead of just one.  
Are you losing leads as fast as they’re coming in? 
Let’s face it, as an owner, you “know’ you need to follow up with the leads within minutes, but the day to day activity of the business makes it almost impossible. So your leads get stale, and you start to wonder if the leads were just bad from the beginning.  
This is where Salon Ninja steps in. We bring in all the leads  AND automates all the follow-up conversations immediately. It takes stress off you in doing the initial conversations so you ONLY have to focus on the good conversations. 
Your business can continue running with a crappy follow-up process…OR you can implement Salon Ninja to increase ROI and fix the communications gap as fast as possible. The choice is up to you.

Supporting You and Your Business

From the moment you sign up with Salon Ninja, we’ll be here to support you and your business. Your onboarding specialist will work closely with you as you get set up with Salon Ninja. Our Salon Ninja experts offer initial training customised to your business priorities, plus additional training for when you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Why Salon Ninja makes perfect marketing partner for your Salon Software (no matter which one you use)

While there are dozens and dozens of Salon Management Software Solutions (including the one you use) - there’s only one Salon Ninja!
 Despite what salon management software companies tell you how different they are from their competitors when you scratch beneath the software’s surface you’ll find that they’re basically all the same.
The real difference is in their look and feel - not in what they do.
Because what all of them do is to help you manage your salon’s operations.
And truth be told - you can do the salon software basics by using a paper appointment book.
Not that we would ever recommend that!
Sure some of them say they “market” your salon - and a number of them integrate with this or that marketing tool to help you retain your existing clients better (or even boost your social standings) - and that’s a part of marketing - not it’s not the whole enchilada!
None of them do what Salon Ninja does - we help you bring fresh faces into your salon - so that you can put more appointments on your salon management software’s book - no matter which one you use! 
BTW - if you have some of those little tools (see our list) you’ll be able to drop them and save yourself a few bucks. Who knows you may even be able to pay for Salon Ninja!


Salon Ninja Replaces the core functionality of all this software:

  • Click Funnels​
  • Emma
  • Demand Force
  • Frederick
  • Monday
  • Lead Pages
  • Google Sheets
  •  Active Campaign
  •  Skipio
  •  CallDrip
  •  SlyBroadcast
  •  CallRail
  •  ClickSend
  •  PipeDrive
  •  MailChimp
  •  Reputation Management
  •  And so much more!!!

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our platform that we offer a “No-Brainer” Guarantee that our software pays for itself or your next month is free!


We Proudly Partner With Some Of The Beauty Industry’s Best

Salon Ninja Is The Only All In One Marketing Software For The Beauty Industry

We’ll help you keep on the cutting edge of salon and spa marketing by always developing the best technology to add more clients to your business.

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